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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I was quoting Kevin, not you. For that matter, Kevin, I believe, didn't mean abused in the sense of wrong, he meant it in the sense of "heavily worked over."
Yes, that's correct. A few folks had implied that the image looked heavily edited and therefore unrealistic. When I look at the photo, I don't see it as that far off from what the eye would have seen. In fact parts of it, such as the sky at the top, look rather normal to me.

One thing to bear in mind is that it is not just aggressive and indiscriminate use of the sliders that can make an image look "off" or even strange. Excessive selective edits can have the same effect. I personally try to avoid selective edits, if at all possible. Most of the stuff that I post is done just with global adjustments using sliders.

Now, if you want to talk abused, let's take a look at some of the sunrise and sunset shots that we see posted on RP. Many of them remind me more of the atmospheric nuclear testing that went on in the 1950s, than they do of the actual sunrise or sunset.

My RP stuff is here.

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