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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
When I look at the image that started this thread, I don't see it as grossly overprocessed at all. It may be heavy on the shadow reduction, and a bit light on the contrast, but it does not look abused to me, and I suspect that it could probably be duplicated using only Lightroom without any fancy plug-ins. If I had the raw file, even a hacker like me could probably do it. Lighting is key and I don't see any seriously-challenging light here at all.

I have seen far more aggressive processing accepted here.
Well, "abuse" is the completely wrong way to think about this shot. This show does not attempt to be fully representative. It is a style, as a previous poster points out. I view this processing as aggressive - whatever in the world that means, how is that defined! - but with intent to represent a style rather than, say, just to recover from bad light. Not seeing any sign of shadowing on the train or from the tree, merely a cloud shadow on the hillside, I am thinking the light was not great in the foreground.

I am not a fan of the contrast, and I am not a fan of the style in general. But that his his style and I respect that. It isn't a one-off, it is what Temuulen wants to do with some of his shots, apparently.

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