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Off-topic? sorry for my Wanderings?
Not sure how many have dug into this or maybe everyone just knows but this a Trans-Siberian excursion train. There are travel agent sites for the train but the photo link is to a facebook page for an agent leading photo train and other tours of Mongolia. As a promotion the photo certainly works well.

Not going to recount all what I read, anyone can dig into it but one interesting sidelight is a major stop listed is Yekaterinburg. It is a major Russian city but also the site of execution of Czar Nicholas II and his family. This has now become a major site for the Russian Orthodox Church and a big tourist draw in Russia. One of my favorite finds is an old Life Magazine with an photo of the children dressed in their court clothes. Similar

The article dug into the claims of a woman to be Anastasia, under the legend that the youngest daughter was spared or somehow escaped. Looking at old Life Magazine and the B/W photography I can't help but think what we lost.
Much younger one of my historical interests was the Romanov's. One of the values of photo like this is not just the image but it leads me down other paths.


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