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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Yeah, that one... one of the most ridiculous photos ever accepted here. Even moreso than my "train outpacing it's reflection" shot which got on. At least that was a real shot. Or 2 real shots anyway.
Actually, his shot is more real than yours as he did not add or remove anything. I like the shot - though it did not belong on RP according to the barries others have ran into.

As for the image John linked - I'm OK with it. There's obviuosly a lot of processing but far from crossing the line - there are much worse examples in the database. The fact that there are no real dark shadows makes it work - as if the photo was taken while a stray cloud filtered the the light in parts of the image. It does not necessarily glow nor have obvious halos.

For those "wanting in"on HDR for an RP post, I'd suggest blending your HDR back into the original to an acceptable point of realism.

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