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Originally Posted by EMTRailfan
I'm with Ween. NS' system is confusing. I like to know where it started and where it's going. CSX's system isn't too bad once you get the basics out of the way.
Q-Codes Type
Q100 Intermodal
Q200 Automotive
Q300 Mix North E->W Corridor
Q600 Mix Cross Corr.
3rd digit even is EB. 3rd digit odd is WB.
Not sure on NB and SB. Don't fan a N-S Line.
Nothing confusing abou the UP...

ILBG2 01 - Intermodal from LB (long beach) to G2 (Global 2 intermodal facility outside of chicago 01- originating date

or QNPCH 01 Quality manifest from North Platte to Chicago from the 1st
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