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Originally Posted by trainboysd40
CP trains are just 3 numbers, except for locals, passenger, and work trains.
I am almost 100% positive CP uses more than just 3 numbers.
For example on Cn when we call signals we only use say "302 clear to Atwater"

But the whole number is much more complex.

CN uses this type of system:

CN uses an TAAABCDD system, where the T is the train type prefix (see list below,) AAA is the train number, B is the region it originated in (see second list below,) C indidcates the section (0 = advance section, 1 = regular, 2 = second) and DD is the date the train originated.

Train type prefixes:
A = 400-series short haul freight
B = 700- and 300-series potash
C = 700-series coal
E = 200-series priority freight/automotive
F = foreign detours and running rights
G = 800-series grain
H = CPR origin, shared running
K = 500-series transfers
L = 500-series locals
M = 300-series long haul freight
P = VIA passenger trains (001 - 099, 600-series)
Q = 100-series priority intermodal
R = 900-series roadswitchers (IC lines only)
S = 700-series sulphur
U = 700-series miscellaneous
W = work trains
X = extras

1 = Atlantic
2 = St. Lawrence
3 = Great Lakes
4 = Prairie
5 = Pacific
6 = Michigan Division
7 = Central Division
8 = Wisconsin Division
9 = Central Division

Example: Train Q1489112 is priority intermodal train 148 (Chicago-Halifax,) originated in the Central Division, regular section
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