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Looks a little below center to me, Charles. These things are always tricky and I never really understand exactly what is in the screener's mind. But the gap from top edge to top of engine is more than the gap from bottom of plow to bottom of frame. That is what I look at (when I care to look that closely, which is generally only after an RP rejection).

I would suggest cropping a bit on the right - that will push the nose further off the center horizontally - it's not on the center now, but I suspect RP wants it over more - and that will at the same time get closer to the common ratio that Charles points out.

You could also crop on the left, some would say too much distance over there and too much detail, although as of now I actually like the pole breaking up the monotonous foliage. If you do so, important all the more to cut some on the right.
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