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Originally Posted by John West View Post
But my asking reflects my confusion regarding what RP wants these days, because many of the common reasons for rejection could reasonably be applied to this image.
Please keep in mind, West, that I have recently spent no less than an hour and a half perusing your website shaking my head continuously at all the unbelievably amazing photos you have taken in your life. That being said.


I am merely a contributor to RP these days but I feel as if I'm defending it on a weekly basis in some way. RP doesn't "want" anything; they never have. There are no laws (other than copyright and excessive Photoshopping) to what can and cannot be uploaded just guidelines. Most if not all the photos accepted can have at least one rejection reason applied but that doesn't mean its guaranteed that way.

For all: There is emotion and feeling involved in the screening process which I was lucky enough to be one of the few to experience. When you get drawn into a scene such as the photo above, the easily applicable rejections reasons get tossed aside because there is more to it than just the train.

So what is RP looking for these days? They want railroad photos. Plain and simple. What kind? All kinds. On a sunny day? Not necessarily. But I've had one rejected that I took on a cloudy day. Revisit that photo in a day or two and see if you can see where they are coming from. Did it lack the emotion or power necessary to ignore the "poor" weather? If you are having a hard time distancing yourself from your own work then ask a neutral figure or a brutally honest friend (as was and is done here).

I've shown friends whom I trust to give me honest feedback about shots that I LOVE and once in a while, I'll get a "meh" it's okay but you have better. Think of RP screeners in this way as well. If you disagree that strongly, take it to the courts (the forums) and get more feedback rather than expecting a response in an appeal.
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