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Yet another forum derailment. (Yes, I plead guilty for my own involvement)

So anybody thinking of using any of Dennis Davis's lighting ideas for their next RP image?

One of the recent award-winning RP shots is a B&W of a food attendant. Maybe using an extra light to give some extra snap to her face if you were to try your version.

Image © Nick Ozorak
PhotoID: 323310
Photograph © Nick Ozorak

On the following, the photographers used extra lighting, I think to great effect.

Image © Steve Crise
PhotoID: 324599
Photograph © Steve Crise

Image © Stephen Hussar
PhotoID: 307043
Photograph © Stephen Hussar

Image © Alan-Crotty
PhotoID: 305662
Photograph © Alan-Crotty

Image © Chase55671
PhotoID: 318184
Photograph © Chase55671

Who is using flash or any extra illumination?

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