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I understand that the "fake vs real" discussion was alive the night before the recent Lerro charter.

That argument will forever be with us as long as there is more than one fan on the planet.

On the matter of views...

It is all about the content and the timing. Once we let our babies out into the world, they have a life of their own that we cannot control. They are at the mercy of public opinion.

As so often here, it is not how difficult or unusual the shot is, if the shot does not catch the public imagination AT THE RIGHT TIME, it gets unnoticed no matter how incredible it is.

Conversely, even insanely, not-so-hot shots get huge views. WHY???

The answer is it catches the public at the right time. That is all that is to it.

Last week I went out into the snow here in NYC. I got about 3 shots I liked. I posted the one I thought the least of.

It took off. Screeners choice. Over 5K views.

Image © Dennis A. Livesey
PhotoID: 652505
Photograph © Dennis A. Livesey

I tried to follow up the tide with this one I thought pretty good. The result? No badge and views less than 600.

Image © Dennis A. Livesey
PhotoID: 652936
Photograph © Dennis A. Livesey

Go figure.

That is the mystery of what we do.

So mind me when I say, "If you get a winner, ride it son, ride it!"

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