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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 653019
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

Great photo!

But I can't like it because it is not real.

(Just busting my friend's chops)

Still, all that talk about the shot must be real in order to like it?

S'plain, please.

I personally, and most that participated in your earlier thread, never said we do not like "fake" shots. Just that without noting the image was not as seen... or at least as captured in the camera, it was not appropriate (or perhaps even welcome) for posting or publishing on a forum nor periodical where the assumption is - that's real.

Now - I must admit, this properly noted edit does not reflect what neither I saw nor what my camera captured. In that respect, it really does not "belong" on a database like RP. Had I captured it in multiple exposures and noted so - I think it would qualify. As is - well, some slip through and I'm happy to have the "fake" shot on RP with notation. And besides, Chris's shot was excepted earlier in 2017 - ironically it even got an SC.

Funny thing is - I would like to think since it was done by physically placing subjects in position, rather then digitally placing or creating them, a waiver would be appropriate, but that reasoning no doubt risks opening a flood gate of a plethora of well timed, albeit, fake pics - meets primarily that never happened for instance - yet no doubt those slip through.

My quandary is - why are so few seemingly intrigued nor impressed? Even with an SC and a PC Chris's shot garned mid 30's in "favorites", and like my own, relatively few comments. I think it could be that A) Steam on a diesel biased site B) Few know that the two "M" Class N&W 4-8-0's in existence do not co-reside at Strasburg C) Maybe the audience really does not care for "fake" photos D) The inclusion of Moon in my shot photobombed an otherwise perfectly impressive side by side shot of two Mastodons!

O' speaking of "fake" - thank you Mr Link, for the views ; )

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