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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
However, all of the other Xperts who love GEs.... I'm not impressed.
Umm, who here said they love GE? I sure don't, especially after spending 18 hours stuck on one. Nothing like moving further as light power swapping your headend motor with the DPU because the piece of shit won't move. It was one of your AC4400CW's you posted about...

But, the EMD crap trailing couldn't pull itself out of a soggy paper bag, so its all good, overtime is fine and the seats all feel the same when you're sleeping in them waiting for mechanical and a new crew to take the piece of crap off your hands.

Okay, enough REAL RAILROAD TALK, since apparently you have more experience running trains than I do... I'd still LOL (insert Thias' fat girl LOL picture here) watching you try to drag 17,000 to 18,000 tons up Ambrosia Hill (1.8% for 3 miles in New Mexico) with only 6 motors or better yet, drag Springerville Hill (8 miles of 1.4% in Arizona). Lets put it this way, no matter what the power is, we crest at 8 to 11MPH. Could have the newest and coolest ES44AC's and we still top it at 10MPH. Could have the oldest Dash 9's and it still tops at 10. Could have brand new SD70ACe's, and then, you top at 10. Yeah, and that's from 49MPH. Come give it a whirl, see how far you can make it with a train in one piece. Your years of experience on MSTS will do you well, LOL. (what a damn joke you are)

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