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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Anyone who has mastered a particular genre of photography is "killin' it" in my book. Sorry you don't agree.

Insert a non-distorted Rahm, IN., bridge in this scene and maybe you'll appreciate his work more.
I have no interest in the mastering of sky wedgies. I have no interest in the mastery of changing rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. Presumably one of the 7 billion people in the world is killin' it in the bathroom. Awesome!

I have no idea what it means to insert a bridge into a scene in this context. As you have recently inserted a train into a scene elsewhere perhaps you can insert a bridge here so I can tell what in the heck you mean by what you wrote. All I see is a sky wedgie that doesn't do much for me and, in particular in this context, gives me absolutely no reason to spend more time looking at the photographer's work, despite your recommendation that there is something there I should be glad to see and learn about.

Mind you, it is a lot more interesting than the shots I saw in my review of 4-5 posts. It is nicely done. I would imaging someone living in the flat plains would see that and say - hey, I can get a little bit more visual interest in some of my shots.
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