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Originally Posted by Kyle Korienek View Post
Image © Kyle Korienek
PhotoID: 558069
Photograph © Kyle Korienek

This was my favorite photo of the year. It did not receive a tremendous amount of publicity on here, but that doesn't matter too much, it is a photo that very few have, as to get the shot, you have to set up on railroad property. But, thanks to a new job with Canadian National, and the blessing of superiors, I was able to set up and achieve this shot, and I was thrilled to be able to pull it off on the first try, which, anyone who does night flash shots, pulling off a shot with any sort of supporting structures in addition to the train on the first try is a nice feeling.
I'd crop out that unnecessary, ugly leaning pole on the left. But that's just me.

Image © Kyle Korienek
PhotoID: 559868
Photograph © Kyle Korienek

My last submission from the year 2015 is another prime example of the fringe benefits of working for CN signal dept. Another fringe benefit is utilizing the height of the signals to create a new perspective, which only a few months ago here, was not possible from this angle and would have been blocked by the old GTW searchlight signals. I must state that I do not condone climbing any railroad equipment, whether signals, freight cars, locomotives, etc. unless you work for the railroad, are in PPE, it is safe to climb, and have the blessing of superiors. All that aside, who needs a drone? I think they're overrated anyway...
My tall tripod will accomplish the same perspective, and I, as a non-railroad employee, don't have to illegally climb any railroad signals.

But anyway, I agree with Dennis. Well done! Nice set of photos.
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