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Outside of the Amtrak Autumn Express, I didn't upload a ton in 2015, but I do still have a day trip of photos I'm saving to process on the flight to Israel.

This was my favorite, in Cardiff Wales.

Image © Greg Primrose
PhotoID: 524614
Photograph © Greg Primrose

I finally got a sunny day to explore the 7 train in NYC. I really want to get back there this spring.

Image © Greg Primrose
PhotoID: 543977
Photograph © Greg Primrose

I got a photo of Amtrak coming out of the Hoosaic Tunnel

Image © Greg Primrose
PhotoID: 552177
Photograph © Greg Primrose

And last but not least, I finally got a photo of a train on the Pan Am mainline west of Deerfield.

Image © Greg Primrose
PhotoID: 552800
Photograph © Greg Primrose

2016 I hope to get 1 decent day in Tel Aviv, and finally make that trip to Pittsburgh and Richmond.
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