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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Again - according to Jim Thias, a professional levelologistian, Casey's shot is NOT level. The distortion is acceptable since it's intentional and it was done "in camera" via use of a fish-eye lens. It's the fact ? that the shot actually is unlevel according to Jim in regards to the "considerably leaning tower" in the center of the shot.

At what point should lens correction be addressed? I'd say only when it detracts from the image. In other words, if it's done with intention and it's appealing it stays. If that's the way the lens captured it and no amount of rotation is going to fix it, I'd suggest RP notate a policy whereby those images will be rejected with a request to correct with the caveat that they be accepted on appeal rather then force some folks to bend time and space to get the shot on RP. We'll leave such physics to the younger generation of rocket scientists.

I'm reasonably certain this was not done with a fisheye lens... this has all the hallmarks of a GoPro mounted to a drone set on VWFOV. GoPros are well known for their ridiculously high contrast ratios. Mine annoys the hell out of me with it when I do my snowboarding and motorcycle vids.
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