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Some thoughts....

The fact that the night shot is perhaps more dramatic trumped the PEQ issue.

The night shot is not cropped so tight around the engine - you can see nearly down to the walkway.

Since you have multiple screeners - there's no saying whether or not the rejected shot would've been accepted and the rejected accepted had you posted in reverse order.

In regards to the daytime shot - can you crop so that the hood is not cut off as tight? Or perhaps not cut off at all?

And last - Chris earlier asked Ron how a shot barely unlevel could end up being considered a BS rejection. My response (now in pictures) is when a shot equally if not more so unlevel is later accepted as yours was.

Hopefully, now that we know WHICH way unlevel, we can simply resubmit without all the guess work when our shots are unlevel by undetectable amounts.

Now if only "Horizon unlevel" rejections had a "Perspective /distortion" notation. I'm sure some shots will never be correctable by a simple rotation leading to the continuation of frustrations with the screening process.

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