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You already know my views Mike but you also know I never miss a chance to express how much I hate G&W!
For the most part my involvement with railroads is just taking photos, so any good they have done on the business side of things doesn't really matter to me. Not to say I'd prefer to see the lines abandoned but honestly G&Ws not Pioneer, if they buy a railroad its usually because its doing well already. G&W's paint scheme is not the absolute worst (its garish and bad but not the worst), what really makes me hate them and that scheme is how they plaster it on everything in such a malicious way whenever they buy a new operation, the examples are numerous. Take when they bought the Columbus & Greenville, they could have painted the patched black GP11 on the west end or a number of the SD40-2's still in GATX colors, instead they paint the CAGYs 25th anniversary unit into standard G&W colors first. That sends a clear message of F you, your history and everything you stand for, we own you now. Same thing with the P&W SD70ACe's, I've heard MMID's heritage unit was not really sanctioned either and there was some corporate backlash. The number of cool operations (GC, MMID, P&W, CAGY, OHCR) with nicely painted power that have had their paint schemes and interesting rosters erased is enough of a reason for me to hate them.
Second from the railfan perspective G&W takes away the usually friendly small railroad feel and replaces it with the Class 1 corporate mentality, no longer is it easy to just walk into the office and ask for information. Forget about cab rides too. It seems that employees in some places are not happy with how G&W runs things, from more restrictive rules (no kicking, no on off moving equipment) to general micromangement. Might be a regional thing, my knowledge of that side is limited to a few lines in the south.
While there are a small few G&W roads I would like to photograph (AZER and Portland & Western) their acquisition of pretty much every shortline in Georgia has played a big part in my loss of interest in shooting shortlines locally.

Wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

More wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

Video wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's
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