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Mike, I have very mixed feelings on this, and I know I am one who has used the "orange Borg" term that you referenced. I have always liked the uniqueness of most short lines, and the homogenization of many of them is somewhat disheartening

Digressing to a parallel in Class 1 railroading, the romanticism in me would much rather see the railroads represented by the NS and UP heritage units than a single unit wearing a variant of each railroad's paint scheme. I grew up with the LV, RDG, and CNJ, L&HR PC and EL as my local railroads, and I hated to see them be absorbed by Conrail. but the reality is that none of them could survive on their own, as the physical plant was in terrible shape, and these roads were all in a downward spiral of deferred maintenance. Here is a photo that I had rejected for PAQ early in my digital RP days - it needs to be reprocessed, but it illustrates a point:

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It's the Rockville bridge, part of one of the most vital east-west arteries in the country, in 1978, with weed-covered, jointed rail tracks. Although it took time, Conrail rebuil the northeastern rail infrastructure to a standard where most current railroad photographers would believe that this condition ever existed.

I see a parallel in short line railroading with G&W, Corman, a Watco, et al. We hate to lose the identities of these short lines, but better to lose it to revitalization than to abandonment. I would rather shoot a G&W road in clean paint than something like the Hartwell. I just know that I would be really pissed at deciding to spend a day there when one of their rolling junk piles rolled into my viewfinder.
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