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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Will it did make me rather sour, but I got over it, planned another trip back to Roanoke. We went to the museum did all that stuff again and was heading to the car to go collected some updated shots when all the sudden my grandson threw up everywhere and started running a fever. Welp needless to say I cancelled the rest of the day and headed back home. While driving the 1.5 hours trip back home I thought, well we just come back and try again. Grandson caught a 3 day bug. He got better and soon after that RP accepted a pic of #1002 and well I got sour all over again but I got over. More to life than holding a grudge. But just chimed in to say that the " Cannot be corrected...." is not new, at least for me.
Yea, not to make you feel worse but in the past there have been comparisons and often the comparison is not valid but here it is so obvious and then got so many views. I tend to remember.


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