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I use the current version of elements and my exif data is there, look again.

Look at that link I shared, with raw you do a lot your camera already does for you with JPG.

I just don't have a need for it, not talking anyone down because I do believe that shooting in RAW is better. I just do not have the patience for it and don't care enough to do it. I have done it on several occasions before and I just didn't see the point.

Hell I even shoot in Program AE 50% of the time, mock me if you want. I am not the type to set up for a shot and wait, I am very Kamikaze in my shooting and fumbling with camera settings while driving down the road just doesn't work to well. I have blown too many shots because I forget to change my setting from location to location and 90% of the time my camera can figure out what I want anyway, especially when it's sunny. When it is cloudy I always set things on my own.
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