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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
I just dont see the point to shooting .jpg, why hamstring yourself. Storage is cheap nowadays
Using a real program like Photoshop or lightroom takes zero additional steps for working with a raw file vs a .jpg
Unless you have a version of Elements and Photoshop CS5 that do not recognize your raw files from your new camera. Then you have to convert them to .dng which takes 8 seconds per file. Not a big deal for the stupid foamer photos I take. Big deal for a wedding weeked with 1500-2000 photos.

And when it comes to wedding photos, I have my bodies setup to deliever ready to use (contrast and sharpening, etc applied in-camera) .jpg files for quicker turn around with clients. Also, batch editing raw files sometimes doesn't work, because of varying light sources and intensities. As I said earlier, I do shoot .jpg + raw for a plan B.

Your mileage may vary, but I will always have a desire to shoot .jpg in certain circumstances.

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