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Originally Posted by trevelline View Post
Well do you think it is a job my son can look up to doing when he is older?
Norfolk Southern currently has 40 positions for Conductor open. Have your son read teir job description even if he's not inthe NS territory --

Conductor Trainees operate track switches, couple cars and work on freight trains in yard operations and on the road with heavy travel. You must be able to lift 80 lbs., as required when replacing knuckles that connect rail cars. This involves strenuous, outside work in all weather conditions and requires extensive travel. The conductor trainee operates track switches by moving a lever that moves sections of track to properly place railcars, couples cars, and works assembling freight trains in rail yard operations performing various duties involving moving and aligning various parts of rail equipment to create or build trains. You must be able to perform several tasks safely that will require pulling, controlling and maneuvering onto and off of equipment.

My son is younger than yours, but he want to be a train egineer one day, too. I've told him it's good work if he can get it,but that it's hard work. Go into it with eyes wide open. I tol him my story, that I too wanted to work for the railroad. Even thought about going to those "railroad conductor schools" which may or may not be a waste of money depending on who you talk to.

One day ws shotng a shortline. It was July or August of 1999, hot as everything. I sat in the car with the AC on, then would get out when a shot presented itself. Then I thought about it. The guys working on the train didn't have that luxury. In fact, they didn't have AC. I'm pretty hot natured. That was when I decided I should look for another line of work.

I was single then. Maybe I should have pursued it. I'm married with two kids now. Working for a Class 1 is not something I would even think about becauseof the time away from them. Sometimes I do wish I had at least go to "railroad school."It may have been fun and maybe I could have found a shortline with ACs!
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