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It's a tough job to do, which is why I avoided it. Up until a few years ago, I had planned to become an engineer, until the point at which I realized what the job would really be like. For starters, the hours are terrible. You can't plan a weekend trip with your family, or even a family movie night in advance. You can't count on being home for anything, even Christmas. Not only that, but in many cases you simply cannot have a normal sleep cycle. They can call you to work a full day at 8AM on Friday, and then call you again at 2AM on Saturday morning, and then at 8PM Saturday night if they so wish.
Second, if he has the idea that you hire on as an engineer in training and then work up to engineer quickly, that's also usually not the case. It takes a few years being a conductor to get that far. That's not as bad, but the hours were the main thing that kept me away.
The money is good though, one of my friends who is currently a conductor with CN has almost saved enough to buy a house and he's only been going at it for a couple years.
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