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Here's what I usually bring for a standard four to six hour railfan trip:

Fuji Finepix S5200: Primary camera, sometimes used for video as well.
Minolta XG-1: Ancient film camera, used for backup or simply when I need a break from digital.
2GB (main) and 1GB (backup) memory cards. Also a 128MB card hidden somewhere in the camera bag as a last resort.
A roll or two of slide film for the old film camera, usually 100 or 200 speed Ektachrome.
45mm and 135mm lenses for the film camera, with a 2x teleconverter as well.
Scanner (it's a Radioshack but I forget the exact model) with Diamond RH77CA antenna, which is a great investment for anyone with a scanner.
Plenty of AA batteries: particularly on the cold mornings of winter when battery life is reduced significantly.
Cell phone for giving the "heads up" to any of my railfan friends who are trackside.
My dad's Palm Pilot, very helpful for looking up photos of a particular engine while out in the field (i.e. If NS 8425 is ready to go on an outbound freight, go to and look up what paint scheme the engine is in). Also good for checking sports scores or just wasting time surfing the web during traffic lulls.
A few tripods. While I find myself seldom using them for photos, I keep them around for the occasional video.
Drinks: usually water for midday trips or Pepsi for the morning trips when the caffeine surge is a must.
Canon EOS 7D
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