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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi Joseph,

Historically, "Poor Image Quality" (or PIQ) has been used by RP to describe a variety of conditions, including, but not limited to insufficient resolution, improper resizing, the presence of artifacts, excessive noise, excessive/inadequate sharpening, etc. Improper processing and/or excessive editing of low-resolution JPEGs often triggers this rejection. Yes, they do have separate rejection reasons for some of those conditions, but if the quality of the image just does not look good to the screener, they may not attempt to over-analyze and just pick PIQ.

Unless the photographer ends up discovering a gross processing error that can be corrected using a fresh copy of the original image, it usually is the kiss-of-death on RP.
Yeah that's more or less my understanding and you did a better job explaining it. I know in the past there was some confusion between PIQ and PAQ, where PIQ does not have anything to do with the aesthetics of a photo like composition.
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