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Originally Posted by baggydave View Post
What does RP mean by "poor image quality"?
This was rejected for not enough light
so I lightened everything up slightly and then got hit again.Help for my understanding would be gratefully received
Thanks in advance
Hi Dave,

I can't comment on poor image quality, as the lap-top I am on at the moment has a less than impressive screen.

I will say that the subject clearly does not have direct lighting and it appears as if significant editing was done to try and overcome that issue. That might be acceptable if the image were an old film shot, or if the subject were something special or unusual. For common power like this however, you're rolling the dice submitting this kind of shot. You might get lucky and find a screener who would make an exception to the "rules", but the odds are much better that it's going to get the hook. If you like it, that's great. Put it up on Flickr or SmugMug, or some personal site. Unfortunately, the screeners clearly don't like it (2 strikes so far), and with respect to RP, theirs is the only opinion that counts.

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