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Originally Posted by CSX1702 View Post
In all seriousness, my thoughts are somewhere along the lines of Joe's.
So in that same respect, would you also tell everyone to STFU if they posted observations made should a NASCAR event find the winner had been allowed to participate using equipment barred by others - because it's NASCAR's event and not your event? If at the last minute, the winning contestant on "American Idol" was the prettiest girl vs the best singer because it's their event and they can do what ever they want? Maybe a news paper falsely reports the news but that's OK because you don't run that paper, they do?

In the long run - perhaps you are right. The patrons will decide based on what they see as to whether the site is popular or fades. I spoke with quite a few members at last week's Center for Railroad Photography & Art conference who, unlike you and Joe, did just as you and Joe recommend -they STFU, and then left. Personally, I see enough positives to remain a patron and to that extent, like Rich, I'd like to see improvements to this site which in turn might encourage a greater number photographers, especially those well revered - old and new to patronize the site rather then simply being told to STFU.


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