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First I'd like to say I'm new on RP and I'm still learning how the whole site work and whats expected. I'm also grateful we have this forum as a great resource tool. I have submitted dozens of photos only to be rejected over and over again as I see I'm not alone. I will also admit in the beginning I got pretty frustrated with the rejections. Mainly as some have mentioned the screening process to which you fix one thing only to get hit with another. Also it would be nice if the screeners rejection was more in depth maybe even suggesting needs more light or contrast etc. Since were at the mercy of the screeners it would be nice to know what there looking for after the rejection. feel this would save the screeners time and upload bandwith also.

One thing I would like to see is ability to resubmit a rejected photo without having to wait to the next day. I understand the upload limit for the day but if you already uploaded a photo and it was rejected I think as long as it the same photo but fixed, you shouldn't have to wait.
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