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"Subjectivity doesn't play a role in images that are being judged for technical standards."
Don't kid yourself, RP has no 'technical standards.' When you have technical standards, a rejection for bad contrast or unsharp image, bad color, etc. is going to be the same, screener to screener.

Did I hear someone say 'inconsistent?'

There has been a science of photography for as long as there has been photography. Eastman Kodak was a leader during the film/chemical era, and I'm sure there are computer types and physicists who apply impartial measurements to digital images today.

Why not find out what those measurable standards are, and adopt them? You could even devise software to screen and reject photos that don't make the grade before a screener ever lays eyes on them. The added benefit would be reducing screeners' workload, giving them more time to evaluate photos on their visual merits.
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