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I like the site. As you said, Chase, it has the unique piece of competition which is friendly, but constructive at the same time. I began submitting photos at some point in 2009 and didn't get my first on until 2011. During those two years I honestly took the rejections to heart and worked to correct all the things that weren't generally preferred in a professional photo scene.

I felt that accomplishment when you guys FINALLY accepted one of my photos and I guess I still feel that when I get one on now.

For me, the site works as it is. Some little things like the color being a wee bit off or the sharpness being slightly off can irk me, but you guys have standards, and I don't get what's so impossible to understand about that. Keep doing what you're doing. That being said, when a photo gets rejected I no longer try to resubmit it as I won't edit my photo for the liking of someone else.

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