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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
The couple times I have railfanned out west in modern times (90's+), I found the scanner useless for the most part. For one, they rarely call signals. I guess their rules don't require it like Eastern railroads do. Second, as mentioned, they dont really call symbols so you have no idea who is coming.
I've also noticed that there is generally less stuff to 'call' out West. There are sections of the Transcon where you must be able to go something like a hundred miles without a siding or junction. I have a crappy little Radio Shack scanner that was good enough for busy eastern hotspots with junction after junction like Chicago/Cleveland/Pittsburgh. Out West that scanner is all but useless with nothing but a detector every 20 miles. Fortunately many of those lines are so busy, that its never really been a problem. I use to be a real scanner Nazi - always had to have it and write down every symbol. Out in CA I'm lucky if I even remember to get it out of the closet before heading out.
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