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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
Too bad there isn't a "Submitted in the Evening" reason, right?

Bad cropping - but I know from experience RP and many others like tighter crops than I do... so I accept it.

Tighter crop rejected for soft - you know, I don't see this one, but I'm old and maybe the eyes aren't so good.

Sharpened version is rejected for noise. Well, for a 40D it does look grainy. Guess that happens when you sharpen a lot. In all honesty, based on a second look, this is a very legitimate reason for rejecting this try. My bad.

Go back and start again - and I get bad composition? Okay, now we all know someone is angry that I keep trying. Probably can't do anything about that one. Had it come first I wouldn't have annoyed them and they wouldn't have - well, I'm too old to get annoyed at anything.

Thoughts? Tear me apart, fellas. Tell me I'm an idiot. You'll probably be 100% right.

In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with the first one...but I'm not them. They really need the "thanks, but no thanks." rejection reason. Would save a lot of time and trouble on both ends.
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