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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
It's not that they won't work correctly, they won't work AT ALL.

The lens mount for EF-S is different than the EF mount. In that you physically cannot mount an EF-S lens on a full frame camera body.
That's interesting. The Nikon System is a little more flexible. Any of Nikon's recent lenses, DX or FX will mount on any F-mount camera, DX or FX. An FX lens used on a DX camera will result in a 1.5X magnification factor, which is why a lot of wildlife and sports shooters buy the D500 Pro DX body, and shoot FX lenses on it. Using a DX lens on an FX camera will work, but since such lenses are designed for a small sensor, the image will not fill the FX frame. Fortunately, FX cameras do have a DX mode which will crop the image appropriately. The disadvantage is that you lose a ton of resolution on the 24 MP cameras. The loss isn't so bad on the high-res sensors like the D800/D810/D850. In those cases, you would still get a decent res image in DX mode. It's sub-optimal, but it will work.

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