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Holloran Grade
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Lightbulb Oh wow, this is funny!

I have to admit, I would really miss it if Sir RAT Dan were to fall off the earth and never be heard from again.

Case in point - The text book definition of brain dead:

Daniel Valentine

This is an example of an RP member using the RP photography forum to attack someone named "Voldemort" who has blocked them on Facebook. It amounts to nothing but childish immaturity, and a violation of the use of the RP forums.

Will Freericks be booted, as he should be?? Hell no, Kilroy ans Starnes like the way this member "licks the brown".

Um No... - RailPictures.Net Forums


Thank you Dan for the hardy guffaw this caused me to emit!

Were you not around, the world would have one less clown and be a less humorous place indeed.

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