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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
How many passenger and employee trips did UP run during the 21st century steam program timeframe? I'll hang up and listen...

Don't be a foamer.

Loyd L.

NS has done a lot more compared to UP but my disgruntlement stems from NS's lack of pride. Growing up in a railroad family that worked for the N&W there was a lot of pride back then (before the NS merger). Its seems that pride has long faded away and replaced with how much more profit will fit in the corporate pockets.
I mean come on, NS is taxing around (due to lack of PTC, an argument for another day) the "Queen of Steam". She was proudly built in Roanoke, VA the heart of the former N&W corporation. She is an icon to their heritage/history and they scuttle her around like a shes an second rate obligation. Given NS had ample time to prepare for this move, the proper send off should have been having her ride behind their N&W heritage loco #8103 (after giving it a good wash/cleaning). Silly of me to think that some corporate profits could be spent on such an idea.

Some may argue safety and that would draw more attention. If that was the case then why a daylight move? Foamers are gonna foam and more so in the daylight. Especially now that she's held up in about a 2 hour delay due to a broken knuckle on a extra long "Precision Railroading" train in front of her........
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