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Default Tim Hortons that Popular eh?

I just left a local Tim Hortons that is close to a railway crossing near my house. I heard the familiar sound of an EMD engine at idle, but I wasn't sure was it coming or going and I soon found out.

I always walk along the railway tracks to get home after work or school and I rearly get to run into the frieght train. This time was quite unique, because I just caught the 3 person train-crew hopping off and walking into Tim Hortons while leaving the lead unit of the Canadian National [CN] EMD GP9RM door wide open. I could have hopped in and drove the train away.

Consist List: EMD GP9RM + EMD GP9RM + Grain Hopper + Grain Hopper + Grain Hopper.

As I was admiring the sight and sound. I happened to take a quick peek at the electric panel on the second unit only by standing at track level; didn't even have to get onto my tippy toes.

The train-crew saw me, but they didn't mind. I guess they were to concerned about their hunger that they didn't care about me. I never knew Locomotive Engineers / Conductors have such a great taste for Tim Hortons.

I don't know why, but the railway crossing chimes and bells did not kick in? I noticed that there are wires that are attached to the rails and I guess that is how the railway crossing is activated when it senses vibration or something.

This is a CN EMD GP9RM the same engine, but not the same road number that I saw today.

Maybe the next time I would by the train-crew coffee and ask if I can climb in and go along for a ride.
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