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1994 chevy 4x4 "radio equiped" with a GE MVA for all of the Railroad channels, a 2 meter transceiver (for amatuer radio), a GE Delta for 6 meters (amatuer again) and a scanner for everything else. I have had this truck in some mean places, and she has never let me down...135,000 miles and going strong.....and almost paid for We just added a Dodge Grand caravan (nicknamed the woody) to the fleet this year as well....not as good for obtaining those hard to get to shots, but perfect for those lazy days when a few of us want to just hang around and shoot the easy places, also radio equiped.

Here we are coming out of the old CS tunnel at Nemo TN.

And splashing through the mud at the North end of Kings Mountain KY, with RP contributer G.W. Brandenburgs Ford F250 behind me. Chirs Starnes should remember the day this was shot...he probably still has nightmares about the trip to the "bottom" of the mountan
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