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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
I think that you're looking too hard for a screener to agree with your premise. Rewording Chris' response somewhat, "The snow-covered cactus really sets the desert scene. This is the shot that happened to have UP power." That's how I interpret it. The NS shot really could be mistaken for someplace in a dozen other states. The prickly pear plant and snow rarely coexist, and this adds a lot of interest to the shot. I really don't think that the paint scheme is the significant difference between the two shots.

From a personal standpoint, I have always had a strong distaste for the uninspired NS paint scheme, as I did for predecessor N&W and the PC. The growth of NS with the Conrail breakup contributed to my largely ignoring the hobby for a decade and a half.

It's strange that two of my favorite schemes are largely black and white: the Lehigh & New England scheme and the Lehigh Valley "snowbird" scheme. It's funny what a little splash of red can do to improve an otherwise colorless scheme.

I'm not trying to get a screener to agree with me but even in your owns words the black and white (whether it is NS, PC or....) is uninspired. Its drab and anything other than black & white adds pop and to me, has an colorful advantage, thus the reason I started this post. Maybe I should have reworded the title to " Is a black & white paint scheme less appealing to warrant a SC vote" and used a different example.
Maybe this shot would have done better in views or an SC if the UP's were in the lead??? I love the mood of the pic so I voted PC for it.
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