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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Chris, Thanks for chiming in (I request you do more often) but the way you worded your answer, power does matter. You may not have meant it but you said "The snow-covered cactus in the shot with UP power really sets the desert scene" With it worded this way, I'm left with the impression that only UP power along with a cactus can make a dessert scene. I get you are referring to the "UP shot" and the snow covered cactus it really what made it click for you. So luck of the draw or lead loco statistically has not been in favor of the NS "Dark Horse" (as Lloyd called it) for SC nods.
I think that you're looking too hard for a screener to agree with your premise. Rewording Chris' response somewhat, "The snow-covered cactus really sets the desert scene. This is the shot that happened to have UP power." That's how I interpret it. The NS shot really could be mistaken for someplace in a dozen other states. The prickly pear plant and snow rarely coexist, and this adds a lot of interest to the shot. I really don't think that the paint scheme is the significant difference between the two shots.

From a personal standpoint, I have always had a strong distaste for the uninspired NS paint scheme, as I did for predecessor N&W and the PC. The growth of NS with the Conrail breakup contributed to my largely ignoring the hobby for a decade and a half.

It's strange that two of my favorite schemes are largely black and white: the Lehigh & New England scheme and the Lehigh Valley "snowbird" scheme. It's funny what a little splash of red can do to improve an otherwise colorless scheme.
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