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Two weeks ago, tomorrow, when I drove down Waccamaw Boulevard, a US 501 access road, on the Conway side of the waterway, both of the chain link fence gates at the Pine Island drawbridge were wide open.

I seriously doubt that the Horry County Public Works people who lowered the drawspan for the hurricane and then raised it again, after it had passed, would have left those gates open, for some under the influence and / or driver unfamiliar with the area to possibly drive their car onto the highway approaches, then have it smash into a concrete roadblock.

I saw that between 5:00 PM to 5:15 PM on that Friday, and the Public Works department was closed then, and also the first two days of the following week.

The next time I had the opportunity to be in the area, and check things out was probably Tuesday or Thursday of last week, and the gates were stil open.

On Friday of last week, I made a phone call to the Public Works department to report the open gates, and when I was in the area this week, the gates were once again closed, and presumably locked.
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