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Originally Posted by S.C. Vermillion
Me I got a Yellow 2003 Mazda Proege 5.
HA! I have the exact same car, but silver. (Not sure my Ohio railfanning neighbor Shawn, aka "S.C." will notice the coincidence, since he hasn't been on the forums since March and this thread is 2 years old...)

Here's me trying to include it in a shot with a train. During the spring/summer/fall I have a bike rack on the roof that's absent here. I also looked through S.C. Vermillion's shots, and lo and behold, I found his car in a shot!

Image ©
Photograph ©

Image © S.C. Vermillion
PhotoID: 67842
Photograph © S.C. Vermillion

ANYWAY, I kinda wish I also had a small, beat-up, old pickup truck for all the rough terrain off-road. Plus, it blends in better in the not so desirable areas of town...

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