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Originally Posted by nikos1 View Post
Not really, CSX's and a NS's patches were fairly tasteful. They didn't go like UP and stick big boxes of colors that don't belong on the unit on the side (well NS did some with a black patch but only a few units are like that)
WTF are you talking about?? Something on the order of 90% of NS's renumberings included a big black rectangle over the old CR number and new white numbers, some were done with big white rectangle and black numbers, some were done with CR blue painted over and white numbers. CSX's were about the same, but blue paint with yellow/gold numbers.

I think they used what light blue paint they had on hand for the first X number of units that were renumbered, but the vast majority were done like I mentioned.

They didnt do like UP did and put their silly shield or logo over predacessors logos though.

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