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Originally Posted by Mr. Pick View Post
That the train has to be the main subject of the photo at is not what I would call a far fetched assumption....
I agree that it's not far-fetched, but that doesn't necessarily make it accurate. You know what happens when you assume . . . As Joe noted, there are plenty of railroad-related subjects that can be the main subject of a photo besides a train. The photos in the post above are some good examples. In particular, I would point out Chase's photo:

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 386103
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

I would argue that in this case the landscape and the railroad's relationship to it are the main focus. The streak serves to highlight that in a way that a similar photograph showing the train clearly wouldn't do. The result was good enough to garner a PCA and the following relevant comments.

"Interesting to see the mountainous terrain of WV from above where all the peaks seem to level out into a broad desert plain. Initially, not my idea of a railroad(y) shot but upon second viewing there's definitely a story being told here. Great timing catching two trains working the route and thanks for sparing us the more common streak shot." - Mitch Goldman

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