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Originally Posted by vcode455 View Post
So, as a test, I linked one of my photos to a FB group with about 2500 members. It was a view that I would have expected to get 500-700 views w/o FB and ended up getting over 1400 with the link. End of experiment. Shows you the power of linking I guess, and while frustrating, it won't stop me from posting.
As a followup test, I linked one of my photos to three FB groups (about 2200 members total assuming no duplicates) after it had been on RP for 24 hours. It had 381 views before linking and 410 after linking over an additional 24 hour period. I'm sure linking is what gets some images to the top, but I'm not sure where they are linked or to what extent those views account for. Do the links just provide enough views to get to the top 15 or 30 images (where I assume the majority of the RP audience clicks first) and then normal RP viewers carry it to a top spot? Or the linked views the primary source of views? I don't know and without the feature anymore to see where views came from, its hard to get any concrete answers. Just thought this was interesting to test different scenarios.
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