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Originally Posted by cblaz View Post
Unless your name is Matt Hicks or Mitch Goldman, there's almost no need to ever go over 25 on either Shadow or Highlight.
Agree on Matt, we've discussed his stuff here more than once, but which shots of Mitch's are you talking about?

Well let's take a look, as I don't recall any. Hmm, this one, maybe?

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 295828
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

But then, a guy who did this shot (or the others from that series) doesn't have too much basis on which to criticize others for processing

Image © Christopher Blaszczyk
PhotoID: 297399
Photograph © Christopher Blaszczyk

Your shots looks rather "off." I'm personally OK with Mitch's but can see where someone else might not be.

One person's opinion.
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