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Originally Posted by jdirelan87
Now, like I said early, FOR MY PURPOSES THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO MODELS IS THE FULL FRAME! I understand the D700 is a much better camera above 800 ISO, but 90% of the stuff I shoot are trains in sunny weather! In fact, if it makes it easier for you, you can remove the names 'D300' and 'D700' and replace them with 'digital camera without full frame' and 'digital camera with full frame.'
Well, the difference for you may be ... not much! A full frame sensor makes it easier to get more pixels per captured image, or bigger pixels (less noise), or some combination of both. You may not care about the latter, it seems.

There are lens selection issues - if you love wide and fixed focal lengths, you want to go FF. If you love looong tele (birds/wildlife), you may want to go crop - from what I vaguely recall from a few years ago when for a few months I cared , the additional pixel quantity and ability to crop is not the same as having the longer "effective" focal length.

Should you be a shallow DoF maven, don't forget when thinking about different focal lengths to adjust your calculations for the change in the circle of confusion. Yes, an 85 f/2 on a FF is about the same as a 50 f/2 on a crop, but the 85 doesn't necessarily have shallower depth of field once you make the adjustment. Again, the memory of all this is somewhat fading as to which does what; but the issue of circle of confusion is certainly important.
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