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Hi all,

I guess I need to make myself a little clearer here, as this thread is going in all direction!

I started shooting SLRs in the film days, when the body was basically a light proof box and the lens was the difference maker. I still abide to this philosophy. Like I said, I would rather have great glass and get a better body later (since they come out with a new one every year anyways). However, there is an 'X' factor this time - and that is full frame. Its relatively new on digital cameras and as such I don't know much about it.

Now, like I said early, FOR MY PURPOSES THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO MODELS IS THE FULL FRAME! I understand the D700 is a much better camera above 800 ISO, but 90% of the stuff I shoot are trains in sunny weather! In fact, if it makes it easier for you, you can remove the names 'D300' and 'D700' and replace them with 'digital camera without full frame' and 'digital camera with full frame.'

Full frame is a relatively new technology in the digital market and as such I don't know much about it. I want to know full frame is worth the extra money?
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