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Originally Posted by WKUrailfan
Sorry John, but that statement right there betrays your ignorance in regards to digital cameras.

The title of this thread is "Full frame worth another $1000?" The original poster made the comment that "For my purposes, pretty much the only difference between these two particular models is the D700 is full frame . . . "

So, my comments relate to sensor size, i.e. what the poster is concerned about.

The D3/D700 sensor may in fact be a higher quality sensor, but sensor size is not the sole reason for that difference in quality. Manufacturing specs, silicon purity, allied circuitry, on-board software . . . all play a role in that difference. Perhaps in your view the original poster should consider these factors, but he is interested in only one - sensor size.

By that token, I fail to see how "Larger view through the viewfinder" relates at all to sensor size and finished image quality.

And as Janusz said, "35mm" is a reference to the image size, not lens focal length.

In closing, let me request that, before you choose to again bestow your insights on my presumed "ignorance of digital cameras," please do some remedial reading comprehension work and understand what's actually being discussed.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays.
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