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If you cats want an unbias look at these models surf to, and nav thru his site. BTW, just to clear the air, the D700's sensor is clearly a stop and a half better than the D300's sensor. I own a D200 but have borrowed both of the above models and I would like to buy the D700, but, only when it is time for me to upgrade. My advice, only upgrade if your equipment is nearing dead, or, you need excellent high ISO performance, or, the new body gets you over a barrier that you cannot get over now. Either model will do you justice tho. The "blacked out" area mentioned above, does not show up in the image! Keep in mind that when a DX lens is mounted on a D700, or, D3 for that matter, you see the crop marks in the viewfinder and only get shy of 6 mp file sizes and pictures.

-- Kevin

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